From good to great
How does the mentoring actually work?
Learning is an endless journey. What is important is a direction, sense of purpose. The mentoring process starts with a series of exercises to determine the purpose, understand the context you are in, describe the future you want to get to and figure what might get in the way. These set a foundation to kick off the journey. The following catch-ups will use Toyota Improvement Kata as an agenda for mentoring conversations.
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What is the fundamental reason for everything I do?
There are numerous roads that can bring you to professional success. But what does make it meaningful? What will prompt you to choose a particular way of getting where you want to be?

Living "on purpose" creates a resonance that brings joy, fulfilment and a sense of right about everything that happens to you. You know who you are and the difference you make in the world.

The outcome of this step is your professional life purpose statement that will inform all decisions you're going to make later.

Celebration- 5 Whys
Looking back from your celebration, what accomplishments seem the most meaningful? How much time did I need before I had something worthwhile to celebrate? Who deserves to be there?
Where are you?
You're making great progress in your professional growth, and already you're celebrating!

What makes this celebration so special? We're going to explore that via the magic of time travel and the classic journalistic questions of Who, What, When, Where, and Why, otherwise known as the five W's.

Critical Uncertainties
What is happening around me that demands creative change?
Critical Uncertainties to explore what is happening around us that demands creative change and to develop options for operating in a range of plausible yet unpredictable futures (not a singular or static prediction).

"What can go in the most critical and uncertain way among all the options?", "What are the signals that it's happening?"

This stage prepares you for strategy making in complex environments full of surprises. It does not produce a plan to be implemented as designed but rather builds creative adaptability: the capacity to actively shape the system and be prepared to respond to surprise. This means being better able to see different futures unfolding, better prepared to act in a distributed fashion, and more ready to absorb disruptions resiliently. CU emphasizes possibilities and believing before you see.

Wicked Questions
What are the paradoxes I must face in order to make progress?
Life invites us to see polarities: choose this or that. We've been conditioned to live in the world of false dichotomies where we have to side with one pole.
"Do I need to be a successful professional or a happy parent?", "Should I go with X and drop Y?"

In this step, Wicked Questions ask to identify the two most opposing yet complementary realities that make progress challenging and elusive. Then, you are invited to accept that a strategy that addresses both realities simultaneously and vigorously will help you succeed. Not an either-or but rather a more-of-both scheme!

From Obstacles to Outcomes (FOTO)
What do I really want? What will be a significant milestone in the future?
You know what drives you, there is a vision of the future, you understand the context and current reality. Let's look at all these and also what might get in your way. Every obstacle you encounter or likely to face in the future is an opportunity that can be transformed into an outcome.

As a result of this step, you sharpen the professional growth objectives and create an initial map of what you will tackle first (short-term) and what will come later (long term).

Ecocycle Planning to review how you are acting your way forward toward the future, evaluating the full portfolio of your activities looking for opportunities and obstacles.
Ecocycle connects to current activities and invites to react continuously, evaluating, and shaping next steps.
You are invited to map the organization's portfolio on an Ecocycle template. With ambitions you've gathered in the previous steps and commitments in mind, each activity advances your professional purpose. Additionally, it draws attention to the portfolio as a whole. You can see the forest and the trees; the big picture and the tactical view simultaneously.
A strategic narrative for the mentoring program has taken a definite shape.

The Toyota Kata way
Iterate towards the success!
We use a well-tested routine to help you develop skills, progressing from where you are now to the desired state through experimenting and planning around obstacles/impediments.

I'm here to accelerate your learning by helping you stay focused, suggesting corrective adjustments, and ensuring that you experience successes.
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