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inspiring sustained, desired change

Hi, I'm Roman, I help those who seek clarity and want to live life from a true place of conscious choice. My purpose is to reveal new horizons and show that you can always change things – even when you think you can't.

- Are you stuck?
- Do you feel like you haven't truly achieved your full potential?
- Are you constantly ruminating about life setbacks?

We all yearn for lives of richness, satisfaction and fulfilment but doubts and fears often come into our minds.

You won't learn these skills at school: how to live a value-lead life; how to best deal with fears, doubts and insecurities; how to choose how you respond to anything; how to take care of your mind body and spirit; how we all have a purpose – and what that is.

That where coaching comes into the picture. And I'm here to help.

Don't put off your life. Play big. Dreams, not just goals.
What people say
Why coaching works
The most intelligent people need the most help thinking about their thinking.
Coaching is valuable because none of us transform our thinking on our own. Humans are masters at rationalising hastily made choices no matter how logical we think we are. We're also exceptional at blaming whomever or whatever we can when those choices turn out badly.

To stop adverse thinking patterns, someone outside our head needs to disrupt our thinking by reflecting our thoughts back to us and asking questions that prompt us to wonder why we think the way we do.

Smart people are the best rationalisers. They believe their reasoning wholeheartedly and will protect their opinions as solid facts. Telling them to change is a waste of time. Using strong reflections and questions is the only way to get smart people to question their thoughts.
My approach
I strive to create a safe space for the conversation to unfold by caring and feeling compassionately curious. Provide support and encouragement, facilitate the discovery and pursuit of your dreams and passions, that's what I do.
principles I rely on
Co-Active Coaching
I was trained to be a coach by the Co-Active Training Institute, the most highly regarded coach training school in the world.
Evoke Transformation
Coaching is more than just sorting out problems or tackling challenges you face, it's holding a vision and building capacity to deal with anything.
Love the client!
You are already great and it's my job to provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity you already have to achieve results.

You don't need to be "fixed", nobody is broken.
how it works
We'll have a complimentary 30-minute conversation to discuss your goals, I'll explain how I work and suggest how many sessions you'll likely need to achieve your goals.
Off you go!
We start with an initial 6 x 1-hour sessions, fortnightly over the course of 3 months - you can always add more should you need them.
On the journey
Then we coach 1-1, via Zoom. Any permanent, meaningful change requires increased self-awareness plus consistent action. I'll be your partner in thinking, clarifying and reflecting on your topic.
Celebrate the results
A connection to your positive vision of yourself or an inspiring dream or goal you've long held. You draw energy from the visions and dreams, and that same energy sustains your efforts to change, even through difficult times.

This results in establishing and taking action towards achieving goals, becoming more self-reliant, owning of the value you bring, clarity and awareness in your life.
Get in touch
I'm based in Singapore and I serve my clients all over the world!
Roman Lobus
Phone: +65 9245 7188 (WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram/Signal-friendly)
Languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian
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Try a free 30-min coaching session to find out if we're a good fit and if we are, what our next steps should be to get you where you want to be
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